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About Council 85

Phone Number : 1-508-366-7748

Business Hours : 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM every Wednesday

17 Willow Street, Westborough MA 01581

Knights of Columbus Council 85 Officers

The Officers
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Council 85 Officers

Chaplain Rev. Joseph Rice
Grand Knight Andrew M. Whamond
Deputy Grand Knight Joseph T. Black
Chancellor Edward N. Hunter
Treasurer Partick A. Steeves
Financial Secretary
Robert J.Kristan, PGK
Recorder Mark R. Sullivan
Warden James R. Bruce
Advocate Edward J. McTighe
Lecturer Herman J. Millet, PGK, PDD
Inside Guard Michael A. Zaikowski
Outside Guard Richard L. Mooar
Trustees Robert C. Gilmore, PGK
  Stanley Giegucz, PGK
  Jay A. Woodman, PGK

Charitable Corporation Officers

President & Director Thomas J. Shea
Vice President & Director Richard T. Brown,PGK
Treasurer Robert J. Kristan, PGK
Recording Secretary & Director Guido G. Lonardo, PGK
Directors Andrew M Whamond, GK
  Glenn L. McLeod, PGK
  David M. Cox, PGK
  John Hegarty

Meeting Dates and Times

Unless otherwise noted, all council business meetings are on the first Monday of the month.
Unless otherwise noted, all corporation meetings are on the second Wednesday of the month.

All meetings are at the John Boyle O'Reilly hall and with the council meetings starting at 7:00 PM and the corporation meetings starting at 7:30 PM

The Infinite

The infinite always is silent:
It is only the finite speaks.
Our words are the idle wave caps
On the deep that never breaks.
We may question with wand of science,
Explain, decide, and discuss;
But only in meditation
The mystery speaks to us.

John Boyle O' Reilly (1844 - 1890)
Poet, Patriot, Prisoner, Sportsman, & Orator

He was born near Drogheda, Ireland on the 28th of June 1844. After joining the Irish Republican Brotherhood, he enlisted in a British cavalry regiment with the purpose of winning over the troops to the revolutionary cause. In 1867, four years later, he was tried and sentenced to a penal colony in Burnbury, Western Australia. In 1869, he escaped to the United States and settled in Boston. He arrived in Boston in 1870, and for the next 20 years was recognized as a powerful spokesman for the downtrodden, at times singlehandedly bridging the gap between people of various races, creeds, and nationalities. He became editor of The Pilot, a Roman Catholic newspaper. O'Reilly died in Hull, Massachusetts in August 1890. He was the author of several volumes of poetry, a novel (Moondyne) and on occasion was selected to write occasional odes in commemoration of many American celebrations. He is buried at Holyhood Cemetery in Brookline, MA.



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