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Christmas Manger 2012

The Knights of Columbus 2012 Christmas manger pictures listed below. Council 85 put the manger up in Westborough, MA.The pictures are in order of when the arrival of the angels and kings visited Jesus.

Week 1

Christmas Manger

Christmas Manger

Christmas Manger at night

Week 2

The Christmas manger had new additions this week. Take a look below to see what was added to the manger.


Christmas Manger in the morning

Week 3

A more detailed look at night. This can be seen in downtown Westborough Massachusetts. Take a look next week to see the new additions!

Christmas Manger night

Week 4

The nativity scene is now all complete with the addition of Jesus.. Take a look below to see what the manger looked like on the snow storm on December 29th, 2012. These pictures were taken in Westborough, MA.

Nativity Scene Snow

Nativity Scene in the snow





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