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New Year's 2005 Pictures
Posted: 1/3/2005 by Michael Kristan

Pictures from the 2005 New Year's Celebration can be found here.

Officers Installation Dinner Pictures
Posted: 10/24/2004 by Michael Kristan

Pictures from the Officers Installation Dinner can be found here.


Next Corporation Meeting
Posted: 9/12/2004 by Bob Kristan

Next Corporation Meeting is Thursday, September 16th at 7:30 PM at the K of C Hall.

Officers Installation Dinner
Posted: 9/12/2004 by Bob Kristan

Officers Installation and Dinner is Friday, September 24th at 6:30 PM at the K of C Hall

Important Meeting News
Posted: 3/14/2004

Brother Knights,

I am writing to inform you of upcoming meetings and schedule changes that you need to be aware of. We already well into 2004 and the next two months are important to you and the council. Please be aware of the following:

The normal business meeting that would have been this Monday, March 15th has been cancelled. This decision was made on our last business meeting. We had the opportunity to bring some of our prospective members and current members to a 1st and 2nd degree ceremony being held in Leicester, so we are taking it.
The next scheduled business meeting is on Monday, April 5th. At this meeting, we will be accepting nominations for opening seats on the Charitable Corporation. I ask that you think of people you think might be good for this role, or step forward yourself for nomination.
There will be no 2nd meeting in April because it falls on the date of the annual "Lantern" awards.
Our annual meeting will be held on Monday May 5th. It is at this meeting that we will be completing the list of nominations to the Charitable Corporation and voting on who is going to fill those positions. We will also be presenting our "new and improved" by-laws for your approval. Brother Joe Dury did a fantastic job on this project. His work brought these by-laws in line with current practices as well as cleared up ambiguities in them. A summary of these changes will be in the mail to you over the next two weeks, and full copies of the laws will be available at the hall for you perusal.
So I ask you to be aware of all of these upcoming events, and that you are active participants in the process. If you have any questions or concerns you can (508)-898-9330 or email me. I look forward to seeing you at the upcoming meetings.

Fraternally Yours,

Rich Bailey


January 2004 Update
Posted: 1/23/2004

Happy new year! The January 2004 Knights of Columbus Spirit of 85 newsletter is now online. You can reach it by clicking on the newsletter link to your left. Below are some messages from Richard Bailey the Grand Knight. All old postings that appeared in the homepage has been moved to the 'Archive' section of the site along with the previous newsletter.

Michael Kristan Webmaster

Super Bowl Party
Posted: 1/23/2004

We will be having a Super Bowl Party at the hall. The party will begin at 4:30, Sunday, February 1, 2004, and run of course till the end of the game. (We ask for no early birds because there is a baby shower at the hall before this event). There will be a large screen TV, appetizers during the game, and a dinner at Half Time. Admission is $20 per person and it is open to all adults. There will also be a pool from the ticket sales. You must get tickets in advance. Please call Bob Sylvester at 508-366-8051 for information and tickets. Many thinks to Bob Sylvester and Bill Drohan for putting this together.

Peter Blute
Posted: 1/23/2004

As advertised before, our first open meeting for 2004 will be on Monday Feb. 2 and it will feature WRKO’s Peter Blute. (I have attached the flyer) He will speaking on “Being a Catholic in the Public Eye”. Remember that this is an open meeting so you can invite your friends and bring your spouse as well. It should be good fun and a chance to show ourselves to prospective members. Following the meeting there will be some light refreshments and snacks. Thanks to Carroll Westgate for al of the work getting Peter to come.

Las Vegas Night
Posted: 1/23/2004

Our annual Las Vegas Night is coming up on February 28th and the tickets are now available for sale. I also ask that you contact Larry Boyd, Bob Sylvester, or myself as we will need volunteers.

Free Throw
Posted: 1/23/2004

Our annual free-throw is coming up this Tuesday Feb 27th at the Mill Pond School at 6:45. Jim O’Connor has done his usual fantastic job of preparing for this and we are also the only council in the District running one. If you are interested in helping please call Jim at 508-836-6420.

Important Update regarding the blitz weekend
Posted: 10/22/03

Due to several other things going on at St. Luke’s this week, I am informing you that we will have to move back the BLITZ weekend one week to Nov 1st and 2nd. We continue to have full support from Fathers George & Steve but there are two other things going on at the masses this weekend: one being Kathy Caveretta's annual talk about WAVES and the other being a fund-raiser for the youth ministry.

After some thought, I believe it would be better for us to have a weekend where we would not be competing with other events so I have decided to make the move. We then would still have the support as promised, but an audience who will not be distracted by other things. We will then "BE SEEN" clearly. I have heard from a few of you about working the weekend (thanks!) and I ask if it is ok to simply move your commitment to the following week. If not let me know. We only need a few brother Knights to work a few Masses, and what they have to do is simple. I look forward to hearing from you.

So remember...the blitz weekend is now the weekend of Nov 1st!

A message from the Grand Knight
Posted: 10/20/03

Our meeting this Monday, along with being the 2nd meeting of the month, will also be our first of many “Birthday Meetings”. I sent out invitations to those brother knights whose birthday it is this month to come to the meeting so we all can congratulate them and share a cake. There are 20 Brother Knights whose birthday is in October.
Next weekend is when we will be having our Blitz weekend. The Blitz weekend is the most important membership drive of the year and membership is also key to our vision and the future of our council. I am also pleased to announce that the mechanics of how this is going to work couldn’t be any easier. I have also garnered Fr George’s help and support. Overall this is how it is going to work:
  1. Next weekend’s bulletin will include a flyer promoting the weekend as well as the KOC
  2. Fr George and Fr Steve will promote the drive at every Mass as well as encourage those men attending to sign up
  3. Each man attending Mass will be handed KOC material as they come into church.
  4. There will also be a table set up in the back of the church with KOC materials.

During the following week there will be an “informational meeting” for those men interested in joining. I need at least 2 brother knights to man each of the Masses. It could be as simple as helping out at the Mass you normally attend,. But I need volunteers! All you have to do is hand out materials and man a table for 15 minutes after Mass. Please let me know over the next few days which Mass you can help at. I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you all on Monday.


2003 Star Council Award

  • Council 85 recieved the 'Star Council Award' from the Supreme Council in 2003.

2003 Senior Scholarships

  • The Knights of Columbus Council 85 presented the James E. Coyne, Jr. Memorial CCD Awards to graduating seniors at the Baccalaureate Mass held at St. Luke's Church. This year's recipients are:
    • Marta Beyer
    • Patrick Dunbeck
    • Mark Fallon
    • Michael Kristan
    • Caroline Richov
    • Lisa Richov
  • Council 85 also awarded scholarships to the following Class of 2003 graduates:
    • Jacqueline Palladini
      • Joseph P. Antonio Memorial Scholarship
    • Michael Kristan
      • William R. Cove Memorial Scholarship
    • Brian Reilly
      • George P. Kane Memorial Scholarship
    • Michael Huddy
      • Vincent B. Lee Memorial Scholarship
    • Laura Twomey
      • John A. Lowe Memorial Scholarship
    • Mark Fallon
      • Paul J. O’Neil Memorial Schoarship
    • Heidi Flood
      • Chester E. Hallice, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
    • Candice Parsons
      • Chester E. Hallice, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

2002-2003 Families of the Month

  • September – Guido and Karen Lonardo
  • October – Joe and Vicki Dury
  • November – Tony and Cindy Dolphin
  • December – Greg and Michelle Parsons
  • January – Robert and Mary Kate Reid
  • February – John and Judy Hegarty
  • March – Carroll and Theresa Westgate
  • April – Bill and Vilma Henderson
  • May – Jim and Irene Hopkins


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