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Breaking Down Racial Barriers

Black History Month 2013


This month we look back and the long history of the Knights of Columbus. The Knights of Columbus was founded in the year 1882 in New Haven, CT as a Catholic fraternal and charitable organization. This organization met with much opposition as this was during a time when Catholics faced suspicion and hostility from the public. With too much negative support surrounding their cause, the organization's strong message continued to grow. The early negative support from the public helped pave the way to breaking down racial barriers that existed in our country during this time.

The Knights of Columbus put together a cause that inspired people ever since the program began. With the simple message of being part of something much bigger than one person, the Knights were the shining example of the start of the breakdown of the color barrier. The KofC supported this movement and allowed African Americans to join and participate in their events and charity events long before this was popular in the United States. Many outsiders attacked the Knights for their organization now attacked them for this but the Knights stayed true to their cause. Their cause of helping others and bringing together a trusted brotherhood membership looked past any and all of the inequality during that time and began a movement later to come.

The first African American joined in the state of Massachusetts in the 1890's. One of the most famous works of literature came from The Gift of Black Folk by civil rights pioneer W.E.B. Du Bois. Today we look back at a small glimpse of our history and continue to strive in making a better tomorrow for the world.




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