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Pope Benedict's Final Mass


In the news today the pope held his last public mass. The 85 year old moved the mass to St. Peter’s Basilica from the original location Sant’ Anselmo Church. This mass which happened on February 13th  2013, also marked Ash Wednesday. The big news in this story is that this is his first public appearance since announcing to the world that he announced his resignation. This will be his final mass as Pope.

"Continue to pray for me, for the church, for the future people. The Lord will guide us," Pope Benedict said to the crowd.

Pope Benedict explained that he was no longer capable of being pontiff and that his health was becoming too much for him to handle the Pope's responsibilities.

Some areas do raise concern with the Pope leaving. The first is that this has never happened before in history. The second is that  tradition has only one can have the papal ring and that once one does the ring must also be destroyed with it. Only time will tell what is done with the ring. Also time will tell how the new pope will be introduced.




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