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The Story of Pope Francis

The year 2013 is upon us and already so much has happened in the world!  Spring has officially begun but many of us in the northeast still see snow on the ground everywhere we look. However the season has changed from winter to spring and that is a big change for many of us. The biggest changes have also happened this year in the Catholic Church and its community.

In case you missed this there is a new pope in 2013 and his name is Pope Francis. He breaks a longstanding tradition by being the first man to be in charge from outside Europe. He is very humble and he actually takes the bus to work which is really interesting to hear. Leaders today are supposed to be for the people but too many times there is a disconnect between words and actions. With as much uncertainty, cover ups, and confusion surrounding the Catholic Church Pope Francis comes in with eager enthusiasm and a different perspective.

Going forward in 2013 and on it is very important for our leaders to actually lead by the example that they set forward and speak of. I am very excited to see what this means for the Catholic Church going forward not only for 2013 but beyond. With the impressive background of being humble and choosing to not live in a palace in his native country speaks large volumes of the man today. Living and working with the regulars and citizens I believe lends tremendous perspective of what is really important. The pope comes into leadership with a conservative background behind him.

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